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Real estate law is the area of ​​law where there are disputes about property. Real estate cases, the deed cancellation and registration case, the excise case, the intervention case, the case, the case, the title deeds resulting from zoning applications, such as the right to cancel the registration, such as the right to property (cancellation), cancellation of land transfer transactions and similar cases. Solve disputes that the right to property and common in Turkey, deeds, registers, registration, land cadaster, land, is interested in the case as we serve in these areas.

  • determination cases
  • Prevent intervention cases
  • Real Estate Overlap Prevention Issues
  • partnership Dispute cases
  • Real estate sales promise contract
  • Floor construction contract
  • neighbor right cases
  • occupation of property cases
  • title Deed cancellation cases
  • Deed registration
  • flat ownership
  • Preparing a rent contract.
  • Due to contradiction to the rent contract
  • Prison right trial
  • rent determination cases

• Evacuation cases