iş ve sosyal güvenlik hukuku

One of the most important cases of today is labor law cases. Most workers in this area do not know the rights given to them by the law. These rights are questioned and investigated for reasons such as dismissal from work, change of office and similar reasons. We provide consultancy services to our individual and corporate clients in accordance with the relevant legislation and also represent our clients in all disputes arising out of legislation.

  • Preparation of Business and Service Contract
  • Legal services in the field of change of office, employer change
  • Litigation and enforcement proceedings in labor law disputes
  • Business turnover
  • Occupational health and safety consulting services
  • Worker-Employer
  • Termination of employment contract
  • Employee / employer’s attorney
  • Insurance service detection cases
  • Legal advice in the areas of right / wrong termination of employment contract and valid / invalid termination
  • Recruitment cases
  • Lawsuit on severance pay, compensation and labor receivables

• Unfair competition and confidentiality agreements