miras hukuku

Lawyer of inheritance law operates in essential subjects such as determination of shares, issuing a will, taking inheritance, division of inheritance. The lawyer you are going to receive service in this area should be an expert in his / her field and offer professional solutions to any problems that may arise in such cases. We provide consultancy services as inheritance law attorneys in cases such as heritage tax, Tenkis cases, Heritage sharing, inheritance, refusal inheritance.

  • Regulation of will contracts
  • Regulation of inheritance contracts
  • Inheritance and execution proceedings
  • Rejection of inheritance
  • Cancellation of savings
  • determination of inheritance
  • cancellation of condominium
  • Establishment of a foundation
  • Realization of transactions such as the establishment of domestic or foreign funds
  • reception Inheritance documents
  • Inheritance tax payment

• transferring  the remaining inheritance in the bank from shared property to shared ownership