ceza hukuku

In the court process, which is called the investigation phase in the field of criminal law, including the law enforcement and prosecution processes, in the process of prosecution, and in the continuation of the proceedings, legal consultancy to persons who are in the capacity of complainants, victims and suspects or accused in relation to all transactions carrying the risk of criminal sanction during the execution of penalties. We offer legal services. Academic / scientific studies carried out in this area and Supreme Court decisions are followed up to date and our clients are provided with a comprehensive legal service.

  • Be the defendant and complainant attorney in the High Criminal Courts
  • Be the defendant’s counsel and complainant in the Criminal Courts of First Instance
  • Defendant and complainant attorney in juvenile criminal courts
  • Be the defendant’s counsel and complainant attorney in the Administrative Criminal Courts
  • Be the defendant’s counsel and complainant in the Military Criminal Courts
  • Unjustified arrests, applications for compensation cases for detention
  • Complaint and complaint application
  • Appeal during the taking of the statement in the police and the prosecutor’s office
  • Objection to the decisions of prosecution by prosecutors
  • Objection to arrest decisions
  • Preparation of petitions for appeal / appeal law
  • Requests for correction and amendment of the decision in favor of the law and its implementation.

• Prisoner and convict visits in prison