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Merve Arı is the founding lawyer of Arı Law Office, one of the lawyers’ offices in Beylikdüzü. She was born on 04/11/1989 in Ankara. she completed her elementary, secondary and high school education in Ankara and graduated from Selcuk University Faculty of Law in 2008 and got her bachelor’s degree in 2012. And she started to work under ARI Law Office as a principal lawyer.

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Beylikdüzü Law Office

Merve ARI Law Office

Divorce and family law in recent years has been one of the most important branches of law on the agenda in Turkey. As the divorce rate increased, the clients started to receive support from the professional lawyers and lawyers. We provide services with great care in areas such as property sharing, alimony, custody and protocol preparation.

  • Contracted divorce cases
  • Contested divorce cases
  • Divorce cases due to abandonment
  • Divorce protocol
  • Alimony and compensation cases
  • Absolute nullity cases
  • Relative nullity cases
  • Measures in the framework of the Law on the Protection of the Family and the Prevention of Violence against Women
  • Recognition and enforcement of divorce decisions by foreign courts
  • Consultancy services for couples married to foreigners
  • Legal advice for those who want a divorce in a foreign country
  • Elimination of the Iddah (maintenance period) period
  • Changing custody
  • Paternity case

Beylikdüzü Avukat, Boşanma, Ceza, Esenyurt, Büyükçekmece, Avcilar.

Beylikdüzü, Avcılar, Büyükçekmece, küçükçekmece, Esenyurt, Silivri, Hadımköy, Bakırköy, beylikdüzü avukat büroları, iş avukatı


In the court process, which is called the investigation phase in the field of criminal law, including the law enforcement and prosecution processes, in the process of prosecution, and in the continuation of the proceedings, legal consultancy to persons who are in the capacity of complainants, victims and suspects or accused in relation to all transactions carrying the risk of criminal sanction during the execution of penalties. We offer legal services. Academic / scientific studies carried out in this area and Supreme Court decisions are followed up to date and our clients are provided with a comprehensive legal service.

  • Be the defendant and complainant attorney in the High Criminal Courts
  • Be the defendant’s counsel and complainant in the Criminal Courts of First Instance
  • Defendant and complainant attorney in juvenile criminal courts
  • Be the defendant’s counsel and complainant attorney in the Administrative Criminal Courts
  • Be the defendant’s counsel and complainant in the Military Criminal Courts
  • Unjustified arrests, applications for compensation cases for detention
  • Complaint and complaint application
  • Appeal during the taking of the statement in the police and the prosecutor’s office
  • Objection to the decisions of prosecution by prosecutors
  • Objection to arrest decisions
  • Preparation of petitions for appeal / appeal law
  • Requests for correction and amendment of the decision in favor of the law and its implementation.

One of the most important cases of today is labor law cases. Most workers in this area do not know the rights given to them by the law. These rights are questioned and investigated for reasons such as dismissal from work, change of office and similar reasons. We provide consultancy services to our individual and corporate clients in accordance with the relevant legislation and also represent our clients in all disputes arising out of legislation.

  • Preparation of Business and Service Contract
  • Legal services in the field of change of office, employer change
  • Litigation and enforcement proceedings in labor law disputes
  • Business turnover
  • Occupational health and safety consulting services
  • Worker-Employer
  • Termination of employment contract
  • Employee / employer’s attorney
  • Insurance service detection cases
  • Legal advice in the areas of right / wrong termination of employment contract and valid / invalid termination
  • Recruitment cases
  • Lawsuit on severance pay, compensation and labor receivables

In cases where the debt cannot be collected, enforcement proceedings are opened upon the request of the creditor. Execution-Bankruptcy Lawyers provide expert services in legal matters of showing bankruptcies, execution proceedings, debt collection and ongoing execution, and bankruptcy proceedings.

  • General confiscation Tracking
  • Follow-up issues with a notification – or non-notification – and specific payment bonds
  • Follow-up on the eviction of the leased property
  • Abolition of objections and objections to the debts and signatures
  • Follow-up cancellation cases
  • Detection of Negative Detection-Non-Check Cases
  • exchange – clearing in business cases

Real estate law is the area of ​​law where there are disputes about property. Real estate cases, the deed cancellation and registration case, the excise case, the intervention case, the case, the case, the title deeds resulting from zoning applications, such as the right to cancel the registration, such as the right to property (cancellation), cancellation of land transfer transactions and similar cases. Solve disputes that the right to property and common in Turkey, deeds, registers, registration, land cadaster, land, is interested in the case as we serve in these areas.

  • determination cases
  • Prevent intervention cases
  • Real Estate Overlap Prevention Issues
  • partnership Dispute cases
  • Real estate sales promise contract
  • Floor construction contract
  • neighbor right cases
  • occupation of property cases
  • title Deed cancellation cases
  • Deed registration
  • flat ownership
  • Preparing a rent contract.
  • Due to contradiction to the rent contract
  • Prison right trial
  • rent determination cases

Lawyer of inheritance law operates in essential subjects such as determination of shares, issuing a will, taking inheritance, division of inheritance. The lawyer you are going to receive service in this area should be an expert in his / her field and offer professional solutions to any problems that may arise in such cases. We provide consultancy services as inheritance law attorneys in cases such as heritage tax, Tenkis cases, Heritage sharing, inheritance, refusal inheritance.

  • Regulation of will contracts
  • Regulation of inheritance contracts
  • Inheritance and execution proceedings
  • Rejection of inheritance
  • Cancellation of savings
  • determination of inheritance
  • cancellation of condominium
  • Establishment of a foundation
  • Realization of transactions such as the establishment of domestic or foreign funds
  • reception Inheritance documents
  • Inheritance tax payment

Consumer Law is a field of law that aims to prevent the situations of individuals or institutions who are serving or receive services by individuals or organizations. We provide services in areas such as how to remedy the victimization, how to follow a road, how to write a petition and a lawsuit

    • Defective Goods (Consumer Rights that can be used by the consumer)


    • Defective Service (compensation for the pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage resulting from Defective Service)


    • Unfair terms in the contract


    • Distance Contracts
    • Door Sales, Internet Sales, Campaign Sales, Installment Sales
    • Co-ownership contracts, package tour, subscriptions.
    • Price Tag, Warranty Certificate, User’s Guide, After Sales Services

    • Stopping the production and sale of the products by the Consumer Courts;


Internet and computer technology has become widespread in abuse since it entered our lives. At the very beginning of cybercrime, e-commerce, ie the goods taken over the Internet as seen and the people to be seen. Insulting, degrading and derogatory discourses from Social Media are also included in this field; We operate in every field that is contrary to IT law.

  • Violation and protection of personal rights on the Internet (Non-pecuniary damages)
  • Prevent access to the Internet
  • Cyber attacks
  • Violation of personal rights through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Forensic information (Analysis and analysis of digital evidence)
  • fraud through the internet, the law of Turkish law m. 158 Offenses committed by the use of information systems, banks or credit institutions as tools within the scope of qualified fraud

• Inequalities in e-commerce



Although it is always important to take advantage of the professional knowledge of a lawyer, it is not necessary to hire a lawyer. But one should not forget that a lawyer will be of great help to you. If persons are not certain that they have sufficient knowledge of the law and procedure, they should seek the assistance of a lawyer. If the financial situation of the persons is not suitable for taking a lawyer and they have the necessary conditions, they have the right to request the appointment of a lawyer in the scope of da Legal Aid ları by applying to the Bar Association of the province where they are located.

Divorce is a more comprehensive legal situation than marriage. Divorce proceedings can be carried out without the assistance of a lawyer like all other cases. Divorce proceedings are carried out according to the laws of the Civil Procedure Law. For this reason, the defendant or the defendant should have both knowledge of family law and the rules of the Code of Civil Procedure. Otherwise, the likelihood of large loss of rights is very high.

The lawyer knows what to do in any legal situation, as well as how and when to do it is the person who knows. It is very difficult for a person who is not a lawyer to execute his case according to all the rules of law and conclude it.

In the case of a person represented by a lawyer in a divorce case, the case shall be completed in accordance with the basic and procedural rules while protecting all rights in the case. For this reason, it is very important to represent the person with a lawyer in divorce cases.

* Contracted divorce cases

* Contracted divorce cases,

* Contested divorce cases,

* Divorce cases due to abandonment,

* Divorce protocol,

* Alimony and compensation claims,

* Absolute butlan cases,

* Relative butlan cases,

* Measures in accordance with the Law on the Protection of the Family and Prevention of Violence against Women,

* Recognition and enforcement of divorce decisions by foreign courts,

* Consultancy services for couples married to foreigners,

* Legal advice for those who want a divorce in a foreign country,

* Elimination of the Iddet period,

* Changing custody,

* Paternity case,

* We provide consultancy services on contracts and lawsuits related to goods regimes.

* Complaints and criminal proceedings for the initiation of criminal investigations

* Representation of complainants or suspects in criminal investigations

* Legal assistance in detention processes and participation in the expression

* Follow-up of criminal cases as complainant and intervening proxy

* Defense and legal aid in criminal cases as suspects and defendants’ defense

* Defendant defense in military courts and disciplinary courts

* Applications to the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights

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